The Perfect Loaf


There’s just something about the smell of fresh baked bread that makes me want to make bread all the time.
I love a good home-baked bread, not only does it save me money, I know exactly what’s in bread – it’s made from pronounceable ingredients from my cozy apartment kitchen.
On Sundays, I usually bake a loaf or two and it lasts us throughout the week.

Sliced Bread Bread

Homemade Bread

But I haven’t always liked the way my bread turned out; it sometimes lacked the crusty and doughy-ness of the kinds of bread I like from little artisan bakeries.
It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the secret to a better loaf; and it’s time.
Giving the dough enough time to rise produces the perfect crust and a perfectly textured interior.
I used to think my recipe was too plain, or that I needed a more complex recipe to yield the results I was looking for.
It turns out; simple recipes can yield fantastic results if you just leave the dough alone for a while.

116/365 A Homemade Loaf #mostly365

I found this out when I had to step out of the house during a bread making session,
I let the dough rise for almost an hour for a second time, and the bread that came out of the oven was the best I’d ever made.
Another trick is wetter dough, I find that dry dough makes crumbly bread, but a bit more water – just enough to make the dough a little sticky does the trick.

Bread making is an art; with a little bit of practice, trial and error, you get it right sometimes.


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