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Mink Chocolate 147/365 Hot Chocolate Break #mostly365

Spring here in the Pacific Northwest hasn’t been spectacular; in fact, it’s been downright depressing.
The weather gods have smiled on us, and we’re about to enjoy a nice stretch of sunny warm weather in the next couple of days.
After spending many rainy days in bed watching tv or baking, I decided to venture out on rainy days, and most days I’ll stop by Mink for a hot chocolate break.

Mink Chocolates Mink Chocolates
Mink Chocolates

I’ve written about Mink before, and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I love chocolate.
I’ve lived just a few blocks away from this chocolate café, so why wasn’t I spending my rainy days there?
It’s the ultimate anti-depressant.
The café is in the little courtyard facing Canada Place; it’s quiet and bright with windows looking out to lush green gardens.
After passing by this café to (and from) work daily for years, I finally found the perfect rainy day to settle in for some hot chocolate.
Mink has really good hot chocolate; smooth, rich and creamy – just like their delectable chocolates except drinkable.

Hot Chocolate
Mink Chocolates - III Chocolates
Not only am I spending my gray days drinking lots of hot chocolate, I’m also amassing a small fortune in chocolate bars.

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