The Chick-est of Peas

I have a trivial confession to make; I like chickpeas… like REALLY REALLY like chickpeas.
I could eat chickpeas everyday, in fact until recently I was eating chickpeas on a daily basis – I’d make a variety of dishes with chickpeas, and if I couldn’t adapt chickpeas into the recipe, I’d have it as a side dish.
I never buy canned because I don’t like the taste of canned chickpeas, and it’s almost just as easy to cook them at home.

100/365 Chickpea Salad #mostly365

I’m lucky, I’m never out of chickpeas, whenever I’m running low, I’ll whine incessantly and a batch appears in the fridge (I have a very annoying voice).
On weekdays when I get home from work wary and hungry, I head straight for the fridge, grab a jar of chickpeas and a spoon and go to town.
Sometimes I like to dress it up and make a proper appetizer; a simple chickpea salad.


This is very easy to make, all you have to do is; grab one or two cups of chickpeas, or a can or two of the canned stuff (it’s perfectly ok), now add in some chopped onions and or garlic (if you’re into that kind if thing).
In a smaller bowl whisk a tablespoon or so olive oil with lemon juice, and salt and pepper.
Pour the olive oil mixture over the chickpeas, add some chopped parsley/chives or mint leaves or your herb of choice.


It’s so simple yet so good, you’d feel like a genius every time you make it.

Remember when I said I really liked chickpeas?
I usually follow this appetizer with another chickpea dish, a modest pasta with pesto and chickpeas and black beans.
A quick and tasty weeknight dinner – I never get tired of making them.

Pesto w/ Black Beans & Chickpea

Tune in next week and let’s talk about how I ate a whole tray of chickpea bruschetta meant for at least ten people.

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