Momofuku Milk Bar

After my friend E. had her baby, she came up with an idea for a ‘milk bar’ – where lactating mothers would go and hang out and feed their babies in comfort.
And then she worried that people could mistake it for a ‘Korova Milk Bar’ type of establishment and then there’ll be all sorts of confusion – doesn’t that sound more like the beginnings of a Judd Apatow comedy?


Of course there are regular milk bars that just serve dairy based desserts, and in recent times milk bars have become hip, and perhaps the hippest of them all is Momofuku Milk Bar.
Visiting Momofuku’s milk bar was one of the things I was looking forward to on my trip to New York.
The concept of this innovative dessert bar fascinates me; they serve classic desserts like cookies, pies, ice cream and milkshakes but made with wacky ingredients like cereal, pretzels, kimchi, potato chips, etc.
The desserts have daring names like Crack Pie, Compost Cookie and Cereal Milk – how can you not want to try them?

112/365 Crack Pie from Momofuku #mostly365
I tried the Crack Pie which is gooey, sweet and chewy and very buttery, it’s awesomely good, so good you probably shouldn’t eat the whole thing. I have this thing where I get a little light headed and jittery when I’ve had too much sugar, and that’s always my cue to stop.

The Corn Cookie is so good, it’s addictive, you keep on wanting more and more – again there’s no skimping on sugar and butter here.

@adjoa tried the Cereal Milk which she proclaimed the ‘best thing ever!’ so I had to take a sip – it’s like really creamy Horlicks and leftover milk after you’ve had three bowls of Frosted Flakes.

Momofuku Compost Cookie
And the Compost Cookie…? I couldn’t even begin to describe it – it’s sugary and salty and crunchy and buttery.
Someone described it as being like eating candy and potato chips all at once, and they’re right!
We got a few cookies for our plane ride home and to share with friends and family at home – except it never made it to those friends and family.

The prudent thing to do after indulging like we did at Momofuku Milk Bar would be to run a marathon; that is if you haven’t fallen into a sugar coma already.
We did the next best thing though, walking all over Manhattan, from Battery Park to Central Park.
Then we did a bad thing; we had pizza at the Plaza!
We were on vacation and it was all worth it.

Compost Cookie





The milk bar (East Village) had just moved to its new location when we went, it’s next door in a small unpretentious shopfront with high tables for standing about.

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