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May 2011

  • Maple Oatmeal Cookies


    I got a box of Smarties from work the other day, and instead of just gobbling them up, I decided to use them in a batch of cookies I was going to make that weekend.
    I developed a serious Smarties addiction when I moved to Vancouver and rediscovered them.
    I … Continue Reading...

  • Eloise at the Plaza

    I loved the Eloise books when I was a kid; I wanted to live in a penthouse of a hotel.
    Sometimes I’d pretend I lived in a hotel, and make up fun games running around our house.
    I’d forgotten all about that…
    Until I stopped for dinner at the Plaza … Continue Reading...

  • Scenes From Around Here

    I’m trying very hard not to let this ridiculously cold and drippy weather we’ve been experiencing get to me.
    My romance with this city is wearing thin; and all I have to remember the good times by are pictures…



    Sunny Day

    Canada Place

    Yellow II

    Downtown Vancouver

    1. By the new convention centre.
    2. Seaplane terminal
    3. Coal … Continue Reading...

  • The Chick-est of Peas

    I have a trivial confession to make; I like chickpeas… like REALLY REALLY like chickpeas.
    I could eat chickpeas everyday, in fact until recently I was eating chickpeas on a daily basis – I’d make a variety of dishes with chickpeas, and if I couldn’t adapt chickpeas into the recipe, … Continue Reading...