The Beauty Of Winter

A strange thing happened the other day.
I went up the mountain on an incredibly beautiful winter day
The air was very cold, the brightly shinning sun made the snow sparkle.
I took about a thousand pictures, wanting to capture a perfect day forever.


It was also very cold, and I soon discovered that the low temperature and the heat of the sun would prove tricky for my camera.
I learn something new everyday… apparently my camera doesn’t like sudden temperature changes.


Out There Dreamy III

The cold, the heat, and moving my camera around so much (in and out of my bag because it was so cold!) caused my lens to fog up.
It wasn’t just the outside the glass which I could wipe easily with a soft cloth; no, it was condensation inside the lens.

The Chalet II

Tree Carvings Line

I took a couple of pictures before I noticed the blurry/faux-tilt-shift thing going on with my pictures.
I panicked; of course, I panicked but lucky for me there were scientists in our midst.
Plus, I’d read about it before, and knew there wasn’t much to do except let the lens dry naturally.
My lens has since recovered but the pictures remain.

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