Sunday Breakfast: Bread & Butter


This weekend was a rather quiet one; I stayed indoors mostly – in my little pollen-free space.
After a while I felt the walls closing in on me, I watched tv, read three books, and surfed the web, until there was nothing else left to do.
I ate poorly on Saturday; cookies, chips, dried fruit, granola and coconut milk ice cream, good junk food for the bored soul.
On Sunday morning I came up with a plan to at least have a good breakfast and with any luck, not squander my day away.


I wanted to recreate a delicious and simply breakfast, just like I had whilst on vacation.
There’s a bakery nearby that has really good pain aux noisettes, which with a little spread and jam with creamy almond milk chai makes a fine meal, indeed.
A breakfast so modest and satisfying, it’s the perfect nourishment required to start a week full of uncertainty.


IMG_2238 IMG_2239

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