Four Rice Medley with Lentils

Rice Medley w/ Beluga Lentils

I love rice!
I would eat rice everyday if they’d let me.
But let’s face it plain (white) rice is sometimes… just bland.
Lately I’ve been incorporating other nutrient rich varieties of rice into my diet.
I initially tried it as an experiment; cooking different kinds of rice together, and it turned out very well.
It’s the only way I cook rice these days.

Rice & Lentils IMG_0392

My recipe is a melange of parboiled rice, brown basmati rice, wild rice and red rice.
I then up the ante by adding some protein rich lentils – usually beluga or green lentils.
It’s very simple to make, nutritious and tastes delicious.
I combine about a half a cup of each ingredient in the rice cooker, season with salt, pepper flakes and dried parsley, add in enough water and it’s set to cook.
I’m not a fan of mushy sticky rice, I like my rice firm and a little chewy.
Dinner II
Rice & Lentils

It turns out perfect every time – fluffy, nutty, rich in texture and flavour.
I usually cook up a big batch; this makes weeknight dinners a breeze.
It’s perfect with my favourite tomato-ey kale sauce with a bit of toasted coconut flakes sprinkled on top.
Healthy, nutritious and delicious…
Rice Medley

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