Walking On Snow

I’ll miss the snow on the mountains when winter passes.
I’ll miss the clear wintry white landscape and tranquil.
I’ll miss those fleeting moments of Zen.

The Perfect Scene

My hike up Dam Mountain this past weekend had a nice eerie feel to it due to low visibility.
The snow and fog blinded the way, giving an illusion of walking into the unknown.
It was very much unlike the weekend before when it was so sunny everything sparkled.
And the views… so clear you could see downtown; and the sea goes on and on till it becomes one with the sky.

These pictures are from that last weekend, I took a slew of them…

Sun at Sea
The sun haze view.

Hues of Blue
Textures in blue…

Downtown and beyond…

Snowshoers I
Here’s where we rest (but just for a while) before the final big climb up.

From Up
My favourite view, I could stay here forever…

Sat 19 Feb - 2 The Climb Up
Hey, it’s a steep climb and sometimes you fall, you laugh it off and keep climbing… kinda like life.


Farther Textures
Looking out…

A Clear Day
Looking down…

This is always the favourite part of my hike, the loop around the mountain coming down.

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