In Return

There once was a boy, a uniquely quirky and enchanted boy who too wandered very far.
He was like the boy from that song in many little ways.
He was very much the middle child, with all the middle child complexities.
When they were much younger, he’d watch and listen… people; strangers, family members and friends… fawn over his siblings – they were the most precious and beautiful things they’d laid eyes on.
Paul - Close up II

And to the little boy, they’d say how much like his father he bore resemblance, almost as if to imply it was uncanny.
One day he went to his grandmother and the little boy asked; did no one think of him as good-looking as his siblings?
His grandmother would say, “Hush! That’s such nonsense talk, can’t you see how wonderful you are?”

Paul - Close up III
But the seed had been planted and the little boy knew he wanted to be different.
He prayed he’d be different from his father; both in character and in form.
And he’d try for years…
And then one day he took a look again, and then he saw him…
The man his grandmother had always seen.
And it was him.

Paul VII

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