Eat More Cake

I feel a flu-like illness coming on and I’m fighting it.
This week has been fleeting; I’m not even sure how Friday got here.
The weather on the other hand has been gorgeous; it’s a shame really, because I should be doing all sorts of outdoorsy things.
It’s been cold, probably our coldest spell yet, but amazingly beautiful.

A Bite of Cake

What I’ve been doing more of is eating cake!
To make sure my cake consumption doesn’t get out of hand, i.e. I know eating too much cake isn’t the healthiest, but I’ve at least been making my own.
Now, it still has little nutritional value but I have control over what’s in my cake.
What’s in your cake?


I discovered Wacky Cake last year, and I’ve made several of these depression era cakes since then.
It could possibly cure my depression
Surely, it’s by far my favourite cake to make, there are no eggs, milk or butter yet it turns out perfectly delicious every single time.

Ingredients II
Dry Bowl Mixture

It doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, and these are stuff I almost always have on hand.
I just put it all together sieved, and that’s all the prepping required.
Mixed with a cup of water, and it’s ready for the oven.
Sometimes a little chocolate sauce on top, if you want to be fancy.

Slice I
Perfection! Here’s to more cake!

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