Wandering Soul

I’m feeling a little adrift this week; I’m blaming it on lack of sleep and quality exercise.
I know ‘lack of quality exercise’ implies there’s been some exercise, but the truth is I hardly exercised this week; I’m blaming that on the weather.
Hazy Sun
The weekend can’t come soon enough; an afternoon up on the mountain should help reset my lagging system.
I’m so so tired… I need a reset button.

Dam Mountain
The hike up to Dam Mountain now has an official extreme-work-out sounding name; The Snowshoe Grind
I like it! It’s just like the Grouse Grind.
I always thought the trail had quite a steep incline, but I couldn’t determine whether it was a difficult hike or I was just out of shape.
Now I know it’s a little bit of both.
It’s being billed to as the (winter) Grouse Grind alternative, which makes me feel better, I’m not just taking a hike, I’m actually exercising!

Sun, Sea & Land
This is the view you’re rewarded with once you finally make it up to the peak of the mountain.
From up here; a picnic, conversation, rest… and prep for the descent.
It’s supposed to be sunny this weekend; so we’re in for breathtaking views.

Sat 22 Jan - 3 Sat 22 Jan - 6
Breaks are important too… to take a breather, make new friends and even get tips from the pros sometimes.

Sunny Winter Day

Showshoes Lone
The Grouse Snowshoe Grind is a 4.3km trail, and there’s hot chocolate and warmth down at the chalet when you’re down.

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