Bellingham Bay

I first saw Bellingham Bay from a train en route to Seattle.
The train tracks runs right along the bay, and the views are glorious shades of blue; from vast oceans, to fluffy layered clouds, to huge blue mountains.
The lady behind me told her companion it was her favourite scene; the view is different every time, depending on the season and or time of day.
We sat there transfixed and awed by the views, as the train moved away.


Bellingham Bay Sat 5 Feb - 10

I promised myself I would return soon.
It took me a while to get back to Bellingham Bay, a few months later; a Saturday spent at Boulevard Park on the Bay’s waterfront.
The shoreline is rocky, and the views are picturesque.
I hear the sunsets are legendary here, next time I’ll stay long enough to catch one.


Rest Blue

There are long and curvy boardwalks that goes out over the ocean.
Along with spectacular views, are winding trails, picnic area, and play areas.
Oh and there’s a coffee shop and that somehow just makes it all perfect.
There’s a trail the leads all the way to downtown Bellingham.

Sat 5 Feb - 9 Sat 5 Feb - 1
Outfit details: Jeans – Dekker | Shirt – Uniqlo | Jacket – Aritzia | Scarf – Holt Renfrew | Shoes – Deena & Ozzy (UO) | Bag – Massimo Dutti

The Sea

Being here, you can’t help but have one of those ‘if I lived here…’ moments
I’d go jogging everyday, I’d write from my perch at the coffee shop with views of Lummi Island, and I’ll watch sunsets in the summer… every night!


Skies Blue

This is one of the reasons why I love living in the Pacific Northwest, it’s full of spots waiting to be explored.
A few miles south and it’s like I’m in a different country; well, technically it is a different country but you know what I mean.

Out There

Rail Crossing Down
I’m looking forward to spending more time at this lovely location.

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