Dreaming Of Air

I had a dream last night; I was on a plane destined for a warmer climate.
I couldn’t tell where I was headed, but I was so giddy with anticipation I could barely sit still.
It was a long dream, filled with airplane antics; the wailing baby, the guy snoring on my row, and the old woman next to me who had to go to the bathroom every hour on the hour.
I remember thinking that I hadn’t gone someplace warm in a while, and that it’ll all be worth it once I get there…

In Flight

I never get to my destination in my dream, after I’ve had the boring airline food that isn’t kosher like this one, I wake up instead drenched in sweat! Someone left the heater on in my non-dream world!


I’m still a little disappointed, getting excited about a place you can’t seem to get to is probably a metaphor for something… the universe might be trying to send me a message.


Lucky for you I was able to capture my dream on film…
Just kidding! – but wouldn’t that be awesome though, if we could record our dreams?
Christopher Nolan isn’t the only one who thinks about these things, I’m just not talented enough to conceptualize it that well.

This short video was shot thousands of feet in the air, just above the clouds, and it seems the closest we could get to the sun.
The wing of the aeroplane so close to the sun strangely reminds me of the story of Icarus let’s not fly so closely to the sun, least our wings burn off.
Wise words to live by.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and the little film, the song in the background is ‘I Need You’ by Lionel Neykov.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve referred to that song as “hauntingly beautiful”.

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