SOOC: The Long Blue Dress

SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) is a modern photography term for photos (usually shown or posted publicly) that have NOT undergone post-processing.
Pictures straight out of the camera not edited or enhanced using Photoshop or any other image editing software.

Wed 9 June - 4 Wed 9 June - 5
These photos are unedited, posted straight out of my camera (well, except for adding a watermark).
Blame it on laziness; the pictures looked fine to me and didn’t feel like making colour adjustments, tweaking levels, sharpening, or correcting white balance or the exposure.
Remember this post about post-processing?
This happened a little differently – it was a beautiful sunny day, the lighting was perfect and I was having a good day.
Being in a good mood also helps with the outcome of the pictures.

Wed 9 June - 6 Wed 9 June - 8
This is also a testament to my photographer, since all I really did was just stand there.
There’s an interesting SOOC group on Flickr, you should check it out.

Wed 9 June - 10 Wed 9 June - 11
Outfit Details: Dress – Old Navy | Jacket – Zara | Shoes – Camper | Sunglasses – Vogue

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