The Last Nice Day

I’m working on a theory that I would be a much more creative person in a place with more sunshine.
We all know about sunshine and happiness; well, I think the link between sunshine and creativity needs to be explored.
Sun 17 Oct - 2 Sun 17 Oct - 1
The sun shone today for the first time in I-can’t-remember-when, and I felt inspired.
Inspired to do things I’d put off only days ago when it was dark and rainy.
I wrote down a list; and immediately proceeded to work on it.

  1. 125 – I want to lose 10lbs
  2. Awesome – I want to be awesome and un-boring
  3. Move – I need to move
  4. Hero – I want new hero
  5. Saviour – I want to save someone

I thought about these things in days past only to brush them aside with excuses, yet today with the glow of the sun, it seemed so viable, that I could really work on these goals.

Sun 17 Oct - 3 Sun 17 Oct - 9

I work in a creative part of town, and from my window looking into other offices; I see artists painting, designers working away on their sketches and sewing machines, photographers in studios, and I feel slightly inadequate, except today I felt inspired.
I haven’t had this surge of energy in a while, the last time I felt this inspired I went to a design show
It was on a sunny day and the show was great motivation; until it rain the next day.
Sun 17 Oct - 4
Outfit Details: Plaid shirt – H&M, Jeans – J Crew, Blazer – Tate, Shoes – Candies, Socks – Joe Fresh, Stripe scarf – Fabric Store

Colour Chair
I spotted this chair at the show, it so cheerful it reminds me of the sun, maybe if I had one of those at home… it could replace my light therapy lamp.

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    Who is your photographer?

    27 January, 2011 at 1:46 pm
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