Sunday Breakfast

I’m not surprised I woke up this morning super hungry; drifting off to sleep last night I kept thinking of breakfast and specifically, what to eat this morning for breakfast.
I knew breakfast had to be special…
So I made my special muesli inspired cereal; I call it Elsa’s Best Muesli
It starts with steel cut oats
I love steel cut oats; it’s good for you, easy to make and delicious.
I normally cook it in the slow-cooker overnight, it has a flavourful nuttiness and excellent texture.
You’ll never go back to quick cooking oats again, once you try steel cut. IMG_7145
For this recipe, I don’t cook the steel cut oats.
It’s one of my best concoctions ever; it’s easy to make and you can basically throw in anything you want.
I soak the steel cut oats in almond milk (with a dash of coconut milk) overnight, rolled oats will do too.
In the morning I add dried fruits, nuts, cornflakes and whatever else I have lying around – the recipe is adaptable.
Here’s a link to my recipe, the fruits and nuts you add is totally up to you.
I usually add chopped apples, dried raisins, cashews, slivered almonds, dried mango dried cranberries etc.
IMG_7143 IMG_7140
What a delicious way to start the day!

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