The 365 Project

I’ve embarked on a 365 photo project; something I’ve always wanted to do.
Every day for the next year, I’ll take and share a picture.
I joined the mostly365 photo project for motivation.
I started a day late but that only means I’ll post my last picture on Jan 1 2012.
Here are my first six pictures, they are slight variations of the pictures from my actual 365 batch because… I’m incapable of taking a single picture a day.
I wouldn’t call these rejects, just the ones that didn’t get picked first.
I feel nostalgic looking at these pictures already, I’m unwittingly documenting my life
I’ll look back at them one day and remember the time I was really into preserves but not just any; it had to be Bonne Maman.
And the Panettone we had at Christmas, and the giant metal can it came in that every one wanted.
The light in the lobby that turns all my shots an ugly shade of yellow.
The belated Christmas present that reminds me of my childhood Sundays and my grandmother’s clothes.
And the Four Seasons… christmas trees, brunch and that epic proposal.

Thursday Jan 6
Marmalade d'Orange

Wednesday Jan 5
Battistero Panettone

Tuesday Jan 4

Monday Jan 3

Sunday Jan 2

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