London For A Day

I was in London for a day this past September.
Just one day, a few little hours to try and recapture the love and awe I have for this old town.
I’m one of those people who loves London, I love London for the same reason I love my grandmother’s little house in our small town in Koforidua; nostalgia and fondness.


It was a quick hop from our apartment in Paris to Gare du Nord, where we boarded the train and two hours later we emerged from the other side of the Chunnel.

Tower Bridge Underground

I wish I could say I spent an amazing whirlwind day in London, seeing loved ones in the end made up for all the mishaps, but the day didn’t turned out quite as awesome and relaxing as I’d hoped.
In hindsight I should have avoided the Tube during rush hour, wore much comfortable shoes and not tried to do everything in a day.
I could have taken a leisurely walk to Regent’s Park, had breakfast in Camden Town, a picnic lunch in the park and let the day take a relaxing course.
Next time, I would plan better and perhaps spend the night… or two

Bird on a Bridge Temple Station

There were good moments still… it wasn’t all stiflingly-crowded Tubes, tired sore feet, running around and forgetting to eat.
There were nice moments in Covent Garden and shopping on Oxford Street.
We walked the Strand, and came upon Somerset House while Fashion Week was ongoing, so we hung around for a while.

The Royal Courts of Justice

E CG 3 Red Jacket

Fashion Week

West End

We spent the rest of the day at Tate Modern, taking in the beautiful, the inspiring, the inimitable, the weird and those that made absolutely no sense.
The calm ultimately settled in at museum; the stress of the day gave way to a leisurely calm.
I relaxed, sat still, I put my camera away (no photos allowed!), and basked in the tranquil ambience.

Covent Garden Market Curve

St. Paul's High Up

The icing on the cake… was getting to see and spend time with some really awesome people.
Saw my favourite babies… the babies are all grown up, they don’t stay babies forever do they?


Later that night, on the train back I reflected on the day and decided that it had been a good day.

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