Today We Walked, One Day A Cure

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m back home to The Best Place On Earth.
Mes vacances sont terminées
I’m also back to looking out longingly to the mountains somehow convinced my utopian life lies beyond those mountains.
I must say that this was by far my best vacation ever!
I’m literally counting the days until I can go back; seriously, there’s a wall and a marker involved.
Meanwhile life goes on…

Run for the Cure

Yesterday, my siblings and I joined our mom for the CIBC Run for the Cure.
Frankly, I’m growing a little tired of these runs/walks for the ‘cure’
I think we’re ready for that cure already!


I asked my sister if she thought there would ever be a cure in our lifetime, she smiled and said no.
This made me sad because my sister is an amazing optimist; she has faith in all sorts of hopeless causes.

My mom is hopeful, she says you can’t give up on these things.

As I look around at the crowd, I realize that maybe I’m a little optimistic too.


How can I give up, there are so many of us – so many stories, so many battles, so many struggles and so many victories.
So much hope.
It keeps on going, we keep on going and ultimately there has to be a cure.
We’re a family; we’re survivors, caretakers, relatives, friends, loved ones and those who just care.

Live Walkers

Man & Son Runners

It rained the whole way through the walk yesterday.
It was a little miserable, especially since it we weren’t expecting rain – it was supposed to be sunny.

We got a little wet, we weren’t our chirpy selves but we soldiered on to the finish line

Pamela Martin Gordon Campbell

The BC Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is working to find a cure, future without breast cancer by the year 2020.

Secretly I’m hopeful.

I’ve added a video of the VOC Soul Choir singing O Canada before the start of the Run.
My second year in Vancouver, I did the Run alone and got very emotional when they sang the national anthem.
I’ve written about this before
These days whenever it gets to that part, I think about my running companion that day.
This video is for her, and I hope she’s still a survivor.

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