Wacky Cake

Remember a few months ago when I mentioned that I was going to make Wacky Cake? Well, I finally have pictures to show.
This awesome retro cake was borne from an era when ingredients such as milk, eggs and butter were scarce or rationed.


Wacky Cake is unique in that it’s made without eggs, milk and butter, and it’s still delicious.
There are quite a few slight variations of recipes – but the core ingredients remain the same; oil, vinegar and cocoa powder.
I used this recipe, it very easy to make, and put together and clean up is a breeze.

First the flour is sieved.

Cocoa Powder
Then the cocoa powder is added

Here’re the dry ingredients all mixed together to create a lovely hue.

Dry & Wet
The fun part; you make three holes in the flour and then add the oil, vinegar and vanilla.

Add a cup of water and mix it all around.


Wacky Cake

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