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September 2010

  • La Pluie

    Jardin du Luxembourg

    The other day we got caught in the rain at Jardin du Luxembourg, I could think of worse places to be in a rainstorm.
    The thing is, we didn’t see the rain coming, living in Vancouver, I’ve developed really great rain detecting skills.


    I can usually tell when it’s … Continue Reading...

  • Les Vacances

    There seem to be this desire to make each day more wonderful than
    the next. My vacation has taken on a slightly competitive edge that I
    don’t really care for.
    I decided to take things a little easy after our whirlwind trip to London.
    The slower relaxed pace is working … Continue Reading...

  • Je Lutte des Classes

    Je lutte des classes

    You’ve probably heard about the Pension reform protests that took place all over France today.
    We walked couple of miles with the protest in Paris…
    There were tens of thousands of protestors, singing, chanting, marching – I’ve never seen anything quite like that before.
    The pictures and this video doesn’t … Continue Reading...