Way Back Machine


This is the iBook G3, a blast from 1999

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Not to be mistaken with iBooks, the e-book reader that debuted with the iPad.

Way Back Machine

Nostalgia is a weird thing really; these colourful clamshell machines were quite revolutionary when they came out.
There are some out there that still believe this little machine changed the game; It was the start of the fun and bubbly consumer laptop

iBook On

iBook Clamshell

Here’s the 1999 introduction video from Macworld 1999.
It’s kind of cute watching that video over a decade later; the crowd went wild at the mention of the handle.
And the specs… wow, technology has come a long way, and costs much much less.


Ten years from now, today’s shiny new gadgets are going to be vintage!
I still can’t get over the fact that it was considered lower priced at $1,599.00

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