Fireworks Finale


Yesterday was the last night of the fireworks, a few hours before the start, the sky let out a round thunderstorms and rain.
This was our first rainfall in almost thirty days.
Same thing happened last year on the last night of the fireworks, it rained heavy and hard with lighting briefly after we’d gone weeks without rain.

IMG_3817 IMG_3818
Tonight’s theme was “The Butterfly Lovers Legend”, a tribute to China by Canada; it wasn’t part of the competition but it was pretty spectacular.
The crowds were huge and went on for miles and miles, we were lucky to find a nice spot at the last minute.

IMG_3803 IMG_3800


IMG_3815 IMG_3809


Here’s a video of the final thirty seconds of the show shot with the iPhone 4.
The picture quality here is way much better than the one I uploaded on to TwitVid last night.


IMG_3805 IMG_3807

IMG_3804 IMG_3802


IMG_3801 IMG_3798

IMG_3796 IMG_3795

This video is from the first night, two weeks ago, the theme was ‘In The Mood’ a tribute to the big band era by the US.

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