America’s Day


Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I’ve been invited to join some Americans celebrate their independence by picnicking.

Lighthouse Marine Park - Point Roberts

To make the day more patriotic, the picnic will be held on American soil.
Point Roberts, a small US town, is a pene–enclave that is only accessible to the rest of the US by land through Canada.
I’ve written about Point Roberts before…
It’s less than thirty minutes from downtown and has gorgeous beaches and campgrounds.
I can’t think of a more perfect location for the picnic, hopefully the weather will be perfect too.
I had a little panic because I didn’t have anything to wear; I knew my Old Navy US flag t-shirt from 2001 wasn’t going to cut it.
I grabbed something more subtle and appropriate yesterday while in the States

Banana Bread

Now on what to bring; I offered to bring dessert, and I’m stumped.
I thought about making apple pie, but I have a feeling all other dessert-bringers will be making ‘apple pie’.
I’m experimenting with a strawberry crumble to go with homemade coconut milk ice cream.

The main dessert will my trusted vegan banana cake; I’m using this recipe which apparently changes lives

Bananas Grated Nutmeg

I always have bananas on hand at home, this recipes calls for a bit more bananas that your usual banana bread.
I use a lot of nutmeg too which gives the cake a more intense flavour.

Banana Bread

The cake comes out fluffy, light, moist and not too sweet – perfect for international picnics

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