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July 2010

  • Fireworks

    Fireworks Fireworks

    Fireworks Fireworks

    The fireworks start tonight!
    It weird because just realized that it’s summer and I haven’t done any of the things I said I’d do!
    This time last year, I was out and about getting into all sorts of trouble, and this year it feels like the most exciting thing I’ve … Continue Reading...

  • The Week of the Red Headband

    This is my pretend dog
    Good Dog!
    Let’s call him Zee
    Zee and I only see each other on Saturdays at the farmers market

    I saw Zee this weekend, he’s bigger and seemed more energetic than I remembered him.
    Last time I saw him was back in October, which reminded me – … Continue Reading...

  • Stayin’ Seattle

    The Westin Seattle with its cylindrical towers is one of the most identifiable landmarks in Seattle’s cityscape.
    Its downtown location is close to everything! …Shopping, restaurants, businesses, museums, other attractions and transportation.
    It’s an old hotel, the amenities are a little dated but the staff are friendly and super-helpful – … Continue Reading...

  • Glittery Gold Shoes

    You’ve probably heard of the awesome shoe company TOMS and the “one for one” campaign – a child in need gets a pair of new shoes for every TOMS shoes purchased.
    With a business model like that, how can you not want a pair?
    I got my first … Continue Reading...