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This World Cup has been exciting!
I’m not a football/soccer fan; I don’t even pretend to be.
I do however like the spirit of the game, and I love how friendly competition between nations brings people together.
Any sport that can get folks this passionate is worth the respect.

Fri 11 Jun - 9 Fri 11 Jun - 4

And thank God for live blogging eh?, I enjoy that better than watching the actual game – it’s actually gripping.
Ghana plays the US tomorrow; big surprise… I will not be watching the game.
I’ll be on a long hike in the morning but I’ll be wearing my Ghana t-shirt and sending out positive vibes towards the Black Stars.

Fri 11 Jun - 11 Fri 11 Jun - 5

My brother Joe, who’s the real football fan went out and bought everyone these t-shirts.
The shirt is made from 100% African Cotton. I think the tag also said it’s Fair Trade cotton, but don’t quote me on that.
It’s soft, lightweight, has a nice stretch and fits quite nicely.
Joe has been wearing his shirt for the past two weeks; I’m pretty sure he sleeps in it too.

Fri 11 Jun - 1 Fri 11 Jun - 7
Outfit Details: Ghana Football Association tee – Puma, Jeans – The Gap, Boots – Liz Claiborne, Belt – DKNY, Apple watch necklace – MBMJ

Joe is passionate about football and Ghana, so he’s doubly passionate right now.
I try to stay out of his way for the most part, he hasn’t shaved in a while and he looks like he needs a hug.
He’s a little frustrated with the Ghanaian team but like every true fan has complete faith in them for tomorrow.
My brother Joe is a great guy,  and I hope Ghana makes him happy tomorrow.

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