The Solstice

Summer is officially here, but there’s nothing summer-ry about today.
I’m sitting at work on a summer day and I’m actually cold, which isn’t cool.

Fri 19 Mar - 8 Fri 19 Mar - 5

I never know what to wear anymore and it’s a little frustrating.
I can’t seem to find a balance in my outfits; I’m either hot or cold.
Apparently I should be dressing for fall.

Fri 19 Mar - 6 Fri 19 Mar - 4

And then there’re Mondays…
I try not to loathe Mondays by pretending it’s Friday – but that doesn’t always work.
Sometimes Mondays are just Mondays…like today.

Fri 19 Mar - 7 Fri 19 Mar - 1
Outfit Details – Jacket: Vero Moda, Black Ruffled Top: Romy, Jeans: The Gap, Shoes: Nine West, Multicoloured Beads: Gift, Black Coat: The Gap

But wait… there’s always a consolation, so here it goes – – at least it’s not raining!
I’m going to go and and pout now.

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