On Fathers

Back when I was a teenager and I believed everything was about me, I was convinced my father scoured the earth to find the people who could torment me the most and brought them back to make my life hell.
My dad wasn’t like other fathers; his approach to parenthood was ‘unconventional’.
He made for a better friend than a father, except when he was neither and stood by and did nothing.
I think one of the greatest gifts any parent can give their child is to protect them and make them feel safe.
I never felt safe or protected with my father.
I spent twenty-one tumultuous years being my father’s daughter, and even though I haven’t spoken to him in a decade I can’t imagine being anyone else’s daughter.

Pictures of dads and kids… Enjoy!

Father & Son

Man & Baby

Dad Sons

Father & Child

Man & Child Runing away

Father & Son

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