I Heard There Was A Secret Chord


So, Today is a wash. Another wet and dreary day wasted pining for sunshine.
I keep reminding myself that it would be spectacular once the sun finally shines.
It’s like an affirmation I repeat to myself over and over.
The sun did come out, towards the end of the day and only briefly, for about 30 minutes.
It seem like an unusual day, so I did unusual things; I made a batch of oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies.
I set my camera and tripod on balcony and made a video of flowery trees dancing in the blustering wind.
I think we may have an art piece on our hands.
I capped off the day by listening to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Live in London’ which is simply amazing.
I’m going to bed now… to dream of the sea… sunshine… and songs of melancholy.

Burrard Bridge

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