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May 2010

  • On Seeing Again

    Thur 11 Mar - 3 Thur 11 Mar - 5

    Oh these old glasses…
    These were the first prescription glasses I wore.
    The prescriptions may have changed a few times but these frames were my very first.
    I got them about eleven years ago, and as I recall they were quite expensive.
    They were probably the most expensive thing I … Continue Reading...

  • On Bowen Island

    Bowen Island is what welcomed me when I got off the boat.
    The small picturesque island town that makes my heart swoon.

    Bowen Island is one of those super relaxed places where everyone is laid-back and looks happy.
    It looks like the kind place where you live happily ever-after, … Continue Reading...

  • Cracks

    Wed 10 Mar - 1 Wed 10 Mar - 7

    I watched a depressing movie today.
    Crackie is a small Canadian indie movie about a ‘broken’ girl trying to find some semblance of happiness in her dysfunctional life in her small Canadian town.
    It’s a grim and lonely film that stays with you long after you’re done watching it.

    I … Continue Reading...

  • The Sun Doesn’t Shine Here

    I’m so incredibly jealous of those people with their pesky sunny days.
    That was supposed to be me! We were supposed to have sunshine!
    Instead it’s been drippy, grey and cold.

    I miss real spring, I think it stuck around for just a week.

    Tue 9 Mar - 5 Tue 9 Mar - 1

    I don’t mind the rain so … Continue Reading...

  • Weekends, Finales & Old Photos

    I just got back from my long weekend of beautiful scenic train rides, wild discoveries and relaxing times.
    I came home, shut myself in and watched the LOST finale – I was happy with the way things ended, I even cried a little.
    While I’m working on the pictures from … Continue Reading...