This Week in ‘Ville

I needed to get three things done this week;

reorder contact lenses (which I’m completely out of), call the dentist back to schedule my next cleaning, and book a train trip to Seattle.

It’s Thursday and I’m yet to get to any of these tasks, maybe there’s a psychological reason why I’m holding out.

I’m really excited about going to Seattle by train, I enjoy train travel – it seems so stately and civilized…. and European.

Wed 17 Feb - 12 Wed 17 Feb - 3

I’ll probably have to wear a fascinator or cocktail hat during the ride to make it special.

This week has been a little less ordinary; I’ve actively taken up yoga again and I’ve done it every day this week.

I’ve been staying up very late too, which has been making my days feel weird because I’m tired and sleepy all the time.

Wed 17 Feb - 6 Wed 17 Feb - 7

I’ve been walking into movie sets on West Pender.

It’s a big dancing scene, there are a ton of people all dressed up, some are holding briefcases and handbags, they’re dancing wildly, hands and legs flailing – and then they all freeze on command.

They shot for at least two days, and for a while turned an empty space down the street into a CVS.

Wed 17 Feb - 5 Wed 17 Feb - 8

Isn’t that giant wrap amazing? I throw it over anything and it makes it look amazing.

I know I got it from an outlet store but I don’t exactly remember which one.

The blazer is Luella for Target, J. Crew ruffle tank, pants are Gap and boots Camper.

Save the environment

And finally, Happy Earth Day!

The Seawall

Hope you love and cherish your bit of the planet wherever you are.

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