The iPad: Two Weeks Later

I think it was Leo Laporte who said (during the iPad’s launch) that the real test of the iPad would be whether we’re still using it a month later, or reverted back to our netbooks or whatever device it’s meant to replace.


Two weeks on I’m still actively using my iPad, and I’m reaching for it more than I thought I would.

Oddly enough, I never intended to get the iPad…

I’m not fan of Apple by any means, I don’t have an iPhone, and I’ve never owned an iPod.

I toyed with an iBook G1 (remember those?) during the turn of the century and passed it on to Paul, who is a real fanboy.


Yet, I got the iPad on the day it came out.

I blame it on unusual circumstances – happenstance perhaps. It was an unusual day.

I’d spent the day traversing the city; I had breakfast in Soho, spent an unreasonably long time trying on clothes at Topshop and Madewell.

My sister and I joined the masses at Union Square Park, went to Macy’s to see the Flower Show and MoMA to explore.


We were on our way to Central Park when we came upon the Apple Store.

The Cube

It was chaotic, people, news crews with vans, tall antennas and equipment everywhere!

5th Ave

I think we just wanted to stand still for a moment, because my sister agreed when I jokingly suggested we stand in line.

The line moved quickly, and the respite was nice.

Glass Stairs

Soon we found ourselves descending the glass spiral stairs into the store, inside was depressingly crowded.

I was peering over about a dozen people to try and catch a glimpse of the iPad.

My sister wanted to leave immediately, she said it was madness.

“This place is utterly nuts!” she said in her faux British accent mimicking my aunt Y.

I laughed and insisted that we at least touch it before we leave.

We stand around for a while, we’re almost about to give up and leave…

I make eye contact, smile and make a sad face at one of the blue-shirted employees; he smiles and makes a sad face back.

Moments later, he comes by and guides us towards a device that’s just sitting there, alone… crowd-free. “Enjoy!” he says.

My Glimpse of the iPad

Now, there’s something about the iPad that makes you really want one once you start playing with it.

It’s sleek, beautiful, feature packed yet so uncomplicated.

A few minutes browsing the web, iBooks, Apps, pictures, turning it at all sorts of angles;

I saw potential, beautiful potential – it was a different kind of computer and I wanted it!

I looked at my sister half-ashamed and I said forlornly, “I want one!”

She looked like she was about to cry, “Me too!”


My mind began racing… should I, can I? There’s minor panic, this isn’t budgeted!

I think about my ‘splurge fund’ – I was going to get a classic Burberry trench in Bicester on my next vacation to the UK.

I could skip a few meals, cut back on whatever…

“Yes, yes…” my sister chimes in “you could starve, and then you’d be known as the ‘skinny black girl with the iPad!”

I’m determined; I walk up to one of the blue-shirted employees and tell them I want one of those ‘magical revolutionary’ machines.


He walks me to the counter and we grab two 32GB iPads, it was a fast and satisfying transaction.

The first blue-shirted employee finds us, and we high five each other.

The End… for now

In my next iPad post I’ll discuss using the iPad in Canada or any place where it hasn’t officially launched, my thoughts on the lack of Flash, multitasking (for now), and a camera, Wifi vs 3G, blogging on the iPad and the curse of the early adopter.

I’ll also answer this pertinent question… has it replaced my netbook?

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  • Reply Oluniyi D. Ajao

    Lucky you

    21 April, 2010 at 12:29 am
  • Reply Elsa

    Thanks David!

    21 April, 2010 at 1:56 am
  • Reply Marian Kihogo

    let us know how you get on with it! thanks for the fun account on how you bought it.

    22 April, 2010 at 1:57 pm
  • Reply Marian Kihogo

    let us know how you get on with it! thanks for the fun account on how you bought it.

    22 April, 2010 at 5:57 pm
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