Last Days of Winter

We had balmy weather today; for the first time in a long time I didn’t need a jacket.

I think I may have broken a sweat on my way home.

Fri 12 Feb - 1 Fri 12 Feb - 3

These pictures are actually from months ago… during the Olympics, when it was relatively cold.

As we had to bundle up as such.

Fri 12 Feb - 4 Fri 12 Feb - 2

My goal initially was to wear something red or Canadiana for every day of the games –

It was fun at first but I soon found it a dull and laborious task.

Fri 12 Feb - 5 Fri 12 Feb - 6

The start of warm reminds me that it’s time for a spring cleaning… packing away warm weather clothes and bringing out light airy dresses.

I’m going to miss this comfy warm sweater dress, it’s from Joe Fresh Style, the turtleneck is from Romy, the cable-knit tights are Roots and the boots are Volatile Mechanic.

I wore this outfit to go cheer on the Olympic Flame in Gastown.

Fruits, nuts, tuna salad...

Other things I miss today; bento lunches, I used to make beautiful food.

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