How I Spent My Easter Sunday

I went to church on Easter Sunday.

Well, I sort of went to church… my sister and I visited Trinity Wall Street.

We spent time at the church’s historic cemetery.

It was peaceful and nice to take in the calm, away from the busy and craziness of the city.

Trinity Church Cemetery

The church is amazingly beautiful! the gothic architecture somehow manages to fit right in with the skyscrapers of Wall Street.

Trinity NY Cemetery Trinity Church Cemetery

The cemetery dates back to the 1600s, as old as the church itself.

Cemetery & The Stock Exchange

I like the contrast here; a graveyard behind the American Stock Exchange building.

I’m sure if I tried hard enough I could come up with something clever and ironic.


Here’s my beautiful sister, whom I don’t feature enough here on the blog.


The steeple in it’s heyday back in the 1800s used to be the tallest point in New York city.

She Shoots

Oh, and we were in New York to celebrate my sister’s birthday!

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