Device to Break up Monotony

I’m using outfit posts to break up my New York posts.

Thu 11 Feb - 3 Thu 11 Feb - 2

I have about six related posts scheduled but I need pictures to make them pretty, and I’m gradually working on those.

Besides I don’t want my every other sentence here to be about New York (or the iPad).

I don’t want to be ‘that guy’… like my childhood friend J. who went to the Canary Islands for holidays that one time, and every one of her sentences started with “While I was in Las Palmas…” when she came back.

Thu 11 Feb - 4 Thu 11 Feb - 5

I really wanted to take these pictures outside, I thought I could – it had been bright and beautiful all day.

I got home and seconds later it started raining… arggghhhh!!!!

Thu 11 Feb - 6 Thu 11 Feb - 7

I got this red stripe from Target a few years ago and have probably worn it twice.

I wore it a year ago and looking back I look like a different person.

The pants are H&M also from about three years ago, and the boots are from Espirit.

I’ve had these boots and worn them for so long, I’m afraid they’re falling apart.

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