K’NAAN at the Orpheum


I also saw K’NAAN live at the Orpheum as part of the Cultural Olympiad last February.

It seems like ages now and I’m not sure I remember every awesome detail about the show.


When I first got K’NAAN’s sophomore album Troubadour – I listened to it again and again.

“Wavin’ Flag” soon became one of my favourites, I had it on repeat, and knew it was going to be a hit.

I was excited at the chance to see him live.

The show at the Orpheum was great and thrilling, the atmosphere electrifying.

He and his band were incredible!

“Waving Flag”

The set was inspiring and� fun – the crowd danced and sang along to all the songs.

Almost everyone in the crowd sang along to the choruses.

He did an extended freestyle version of “Wavin’ Flag,” where he gets into a little bit about his life.

There were a lot of actual flag waving too being that it was during the Olympics and folks were feeling rather patriotic.

“Waving Flag” Freestyle

My favourite part of the show was “Fatima”

He had us all sing along to the chorus, it was moving, but in a totally fun and stirring way.

Back Up K'NAAN


More pictures…

“That’s Exactly How I Feel…”

This was the first time hearing this song, it’s not on the Troubadour album.

I’m not even sure what the ‘official’ title is but I really like it.

Chain E

This is what a wore for the concert;

Diesel jeans, J Crew tank, purple Uniqlo shirt, a brilliantly thrifted Alexander McQueen jacket and Clarks shoes.

The necklace is from Foxy Originals although I love it so much I’ve decided it’s my personal crest.

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