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This is another dress from my mom.

It’s made from a pink hued multicolour stripe cotton fabric, it has a little stretch to it.

This dress almost never got made, because my mom is one of those people who likes doing things her way (who doesn’t?).

The first dress she made didn’t fit because she decided it wasn’t necessary to take my measurements.

What I wanted initially was a simple playful A-line dress, she said my design would make me look pregnant, I thought I was going for Victorian.

So she made a pared-down pleated A line dress, beautiful…. but didn’t fit.

She decided there was probably enough fabric leftover to make a second dress, we took measurements this time and were precariously wary of running out of fabric.

Luckily we had just enough fabric and the dress turned out quite nicely.

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I wore the dress to work once; I loved its simplicity and comfort.

I also love that I can style it in a variety of ways.

Suddenly I wanted a whole slew of dresses like this to wear everywhere.

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So I wore it for my eight hour journey to New York, six hours in the air broken up into two legs with an almost two hour layover in Houston (we flew Continental).

I don’t like airports very much these days.

There’s too much chaos and absurdities.

The good thing about flying out of YVR is that you clear US customs and immigration in Canada before you board the flight.

For air travel I normally wear simple practical clothes I can take off in a hurry –

I don’t know why I do that but I seriously believe it’ll come in handy some day.

I wore the dress with a casual black loose blazer from Giordano Ladies, knee-high stripe socks from Richmond Night Market, and my most comfortable and easy-to-get-off boots from Camper. The belt is from H&M.


The flight was uneventful except for a rather bumpy landing in Houston.

While waiting for our connecting flight to New York, a sweet elderly woman about my mom’s age complimented me on my outfit.

It was like I’d made her day when I told her my mom had made it.

“Look at that…” She smiled brightly “It’s so pretty, how lucky you are… ”


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