Tinariwen at the Orpheum


I fell in love with a Tuareg man once, a Kel Tamasheq who called me his Tamedrayt (sister).

He had beautiful kind eyes, a wide smile and the smoothest gorgeous skin

I was in awe of him, I’d listen to him talk about this striking, vast and arid land he came from.

A land so colourful, harsh, beautiful that the sun shone so bright it sparkled into the horizon.


He’d speak of his people; strong, proud warriors who loved the land and the freedom to roam it.

I cried the day he left, big sad heaving tears; he wiped them away smiling and said

“Aah… Tamedrayt, One of these days you’re going to love something so precious you wouldn’t be able to trust yourself with it”

I smile through my tears. I, of course didn’t understand what he meant then.


Tinariwen Tinariwen

I mentioned this to my therapist; that I believe the Kel Tamasheq man was the love of my life.

She thinks I’m romanticizing again, and a little surprised… “love of your life?, really? – What about the potential French husband”

“Have you considered life living on the desert?” She asks


I ask her if she knew� the Tuaregs were matriarchal.

It’s the men who wear the veil, not women.

I could have been a matriarch; I would have been revered…

Video 1

It was he who turned me on to Tinariwen and they’ve since become one of my favourite bands.

Tinariwen Tinariwen

I saw them live for the first time back in February as part of the cultural Olympiad.

There were incredible, like everything I expected.

Their songs are a mesmerizing trance-like mixture of blues, rock and punk set to African rhythms.

Their sound has been described as desert blues, Afro rock, indigenous rock and roll and everything else in between.

Video 2

Their songs evokes magical places I’ve only dreamed of.

Songs that make melancholy sound beautiful, hauntingly beautiful words I don’t understand.


If you ever get a chance to see them live, do it! They are awesome!

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