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April 2010

  • Patterns

    I checked out and signed up at a new studio a couple of weeks ago.
    This studio is closer and offers a wider range of classes.
    The facilities are rather plush; it has a sauna, café, boutique and a lounge with wifi.
    I quite enjoy going, although I can’t say I’ve mastered the Chaturanga yet.

  • Ground Zero

    Our hotel was directly adjacent to Ground Zero in the Financial District in Lower Manhattan. The World Trade Center site…

  • The Apple Store in Chelsea

    For a while I considered what it’ll be like to use the iPad exclusively like this guy who is using it wholly for a month.
    I know a lot of people consider it more of a consumption device rather than for production.
    This is right in a sense that I do almost everything on the iPad these days.
    The only times I use my laptop is to edit pictures or write longer blog posts.

  • Pictures of Days Gone By

    Minutes before the closing ceremony and moments before Canada just barely beat the US to take gold in hockey.

  • The Flower Show at Macy’s

    I managed to catch the Macy’s Flower Show while in New York. It combines two of my favourite things, shopping…