My Aunt J. On Red Shoes

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My aunt Josephine hated red shoes, she used to say only hookers and children should wear red shoes.

Now, Josephine wasn’t really my aunt, she is one of the many ‘relatives’ one acquires by virtue of being from the same country.

I loved Aunt Josephine, she was spirited, wise, witty and whatever joy, pain, adversity or opportunity you’ve had in life, Aunt Josephine has had it too… except harder!

She’d have these theatrical fights with her boyfriend, and would say; every woman, once in her lifetime needs to date a man who is totally wrong for her.

I unfortunately lost contact with Aunt Josephine years ago, but I do remember her amusing words of wisdom every so often.

I’ve never owned red shoes, or ever thought about wearing red shoes… until recently.

Since I decided to wear more colour, I’ve been thinking there’s no reason why I can’t incorporate red shoes into my wardrobe if I found a red shoe I liked.

I’m pretty certain though, that if I found red shoes that I truly loved, it wouldn’t really matter… or perhaps I’m a child… hooker… Dorothy…?

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I’m glad I can wear other things red.

That said red is such a dynamic colour.

I’m sometimes a little unsure; a certain level of confidence is required to wear red, or just the right degree of playfulness to pull it off.

Thu 21 Jan - 4

Tweet Coat: Richmond Night Market
Black Shirt: Giordano
Red Turtleneck: Roots
Pants: Old Navy
Boots: Simply Vera

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