On Longing

I’m having a bit of Olympics withdrawal, which is awkward because I’m one of those people who didn’t want the Olympics in this city to begin with.

Year on and year on, I developed a passionate aversion to the idea, as over a 1001 incidents convinced me that the games were wrong for the city.

I started coming around during the torch relays, people were energized, spirits soared and the games were inevitable.

By the time the torch reached Vancouver, I’d moved on to being a little excited.

And the rest… well… is history!

And while I wouldn’t want games back, I miss the euphoria and general happiness that surrounded it.

Life was a giant party then, and even going to work felt great.

On Monday (day after the closing ceremony), I got home from work, ate and rushed out again eager to capture… something…perhaps an afterglow?

It all seemed so quiet, the people were gone, the lines were naught and there were no cheers to be heard.

There were a few people, probably like me, walking around with a look of confused familiarity – like they remember when it used to be like this – but it was so much better yesterday.

Below are a few of the first of my ‘Olympics’ pictures, I’m still wading through them…

In Fish


Welcome!Three Women & A CanoeBienvenue

Bird Woman Play

Granville Towards South Lanterns

LightsGranville Street People

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