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March 2010

  • Sick Day Two

    Wed 10 Feb - 8 Wed 10 Feb - 7

    I think I’m getting better, that’s what I keep mumbling to myself.

    I’m trying the “fake it till you make it” technique.

    My mom asked me this morning if I’d consider cancelling my trip, she’s such a kidder!

    Seriously, it’s not like I’m dying, I have a cold!

    The sneezing … Continue Reading... “Sick Day Two”

  • The Common Cold

    I’m sick!

    I have a cold; runny nose, sneezing and an inexplicable swollen face… I’m not a pretty site.

    For a while now I thought I’d become immune to colds – save for seasonal allergy symptoms, I haven’t had a good proper cold in years.

    I slept in the morning … Continue Reading... “The Common Cold”

  • Bold Prints

    There’s just something about spring that makes me yearn to wear bold colourful prints.

    Even if said prints aren’t very spring-like.

    I’m on the lookout for floral and pastel prints, and other soft colourful prints which are more spring-like.

    On my last trip to Target, I got a dress from … Continue Reading... “Bold Prints”

  • Some Days

    Today was a long bizarre not-so-great day.

    I’m just glad it’s over and I get to start all over again tomorrow.

    I spent the day looking for a single document that proved to be quite the challenge.

    I got yelled at by some woman in Alberta because she thought I … Continue Reading... “Some Days”