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I invented a word today; ‘Olympicing’ (\o-‘lim-pik-ing), it’s a verb, means to partake in Olympics related activities (but not necessarily the actual games).

How would you use it?

Well, my favourite little guys and I were going to hang out tomorrow but I had to say to them;

“I’m so sorry guys, I won’t be around tomorrow – it looks like I’m olympicing this weekend”

Too bad I’ll only get to use it for another week or so.

The weather has been absolutely fabulous. It’s like spring, which also means spring allergies, Argh!

We went over to LiveCity Yaletown last night; it was packed, like a giant sea of red

We watched the final minutes of the nail biting Canada vs. Switzerland hockey game and then Kiesha Chanté came on the main stage.

I was kinda bummed I missed Alpha Yaya Diallo the previous night.

We checked out the pavilions and got glow-in-the-dark coke bottles.

I took tons of pictures and videos.

Now on to what I wore, although technically I didn’t wear this last night.

Thu 14 Jan - 1 Thu 14 Jan - 3

But let’s just say that I did.

I don’t know about you but I feel more comfortable and confident when my clothes fit properly.

I hate ill-fitting clothes, they make me sad.

I’ve always wondered why, if you have the option, would choose to wear clothes that don’t fit properly.

That said, sometimes these things just creep up on you.

Thu 14 Jan - 5 Thu 14 Jan - 6

Take this seemingly nice teal dress for example, pretty isn’t it?

Except it clings to curves, and parts of your body you don’t want highlighted.

Granted, it’s not that bad, but I’ve had this dress for years and never noticed it before.

And you thought I was just being vain by taking pictures of my outfits daily…

Thu 14 Jan - 11 Thu 14 Jan - 7

Good thing I can always throw a coat over it.

Thank heavens for winter and coats eh?

Boots Thu 14 Jan - 8

Dress: The Gap
Tights: Roots
Boots: Feet First
Coat: RW & Co
Belt: Danier

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