Final Resting Places

I have a confession to make, after which you’re going to think I’m weird.

At Peace Peaceful

Cemeteries fascinate me!
I find them intriguing and romantic; there’s nothing more serene, peaceful or beautiful than a walk through a cemetery.
There is so much character, history and emotion there.
I also enjoy the interesting and beautiful headstones and tombstones.


I wonder about the people buried here, their life, history and the loved ones they left behind.
That we take such care and consideration when burying our dead intrigues me.
Coming from a culture where such fascination with a place where the dead rests is frowned upon, I’ve had curtail my enthusiasm for cemeteries.
Actually, is there’s a culture that encourages people to hang out in cemeteries besides perhaps the Goth subculture?

Lamp Block

I wish there were an easier and effective way to respectfully incorporate park use into cemeteries.
These pictures are from a charming cemetery in Lynden, WA just outside the Canadian border.

EOS Girl !

We stopped by briefly one quiet foggy morning.
It was such a peaceful and centering moment.

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