A Trench & A Dress

Mon 11 Jan - 15 Mon 11 Jan - 11

I got this trench last April in Seattle, I call it my ‘Seattle Trench’

Wearing it is a reminder that I need to plan a weekend getaway to Seattle; I haven’t been there since that last April.

Mon 11 Jan - 2 Mon 11 Jan - 5

I’m not so sure about this outfit.

It’s one of those things you visualize perfectly but the actual outcome underwhelms.

Lessons; that’s what I call them.

Mon 11 Jan - 8 Mon 11 Jan - 1

Trench: H&M
Black Dress: G. Ricci
Shirt: Target
Tights: The Bay
Boots: Camper
Necklace: Romy

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