Bellingham, WA

I’ve been meaning to write about Bellingham, WA for a while now but wasn’t sure exactly what to say about this awesome town.

I took some pictures on my last trip down there and I just thought I’d share them.

Bellingham is the closest ‘big US town’ to me, about an hour’s drive away depending on the wait at the border.

These days we use the Aldergrove/Lynden crossing which has short wait-times and then Bellingham is just about twenty minutes away.


A lot of cross border shopping happens in Bellingham.

It’s close, has most of the basic big box American shops we don’t have here in Vancouver and efficient because most of these stores accept Canadian dollars and or take Canadian debit cards.

Community Co-op

Bellingham’s where I get my Target and Trader Joe’s fix; and it’s close enough for a quick afternoon trip.

There are also quite a few organic health foods stores too, which makes it even more great.

In the past year we’ve began exploring the city beyond the strips and shopping malls, on this last trip we did the downtown proper.

Downtown Bellingham is charming with galleries, museums, specialty stores and cafés.

Antler Apt. Bellingham, WA

Behind the abandoned Dahlquist building.

Post Office

The Post Office, downtown also has beautiful old buildings.

Public Market

The Public Market – contains a series of year-round local stores.

In here is Terra Organica, a well stocked great health foods store is one of the many in Bellingham.


I just love the textures of this building.

Mi Shoes

Local business thrive, I bought a lovely pair of boots here .

Adult Shop

And of course, the adult store; every great town deserves one of those.

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