Ten Random Pictures: Edible Things

It was a work colleague’s birthday so we had cake at work today.

It was good and different; I haven’t had cake in a while.

It sort of made me realize that I’d been eating the same kinds of food over and over again in the past couple of weeks.

I intend to remedy that this weekend – I’m going to try a few new recipes.

Here are ten random pictures (of food things) I love today.



For You, A Pom

Sadly pomegranate season is over …

Rose Petals

Rose petal chocolates – yummy… must go by the shop tomorrow.

Tea Time!

Tea time!


Good with tea….


Good for ‘happy-hours’ at home.

Boxes of Oranges

Oranges from all over (well, just China and Japan)

Coconut Milk Ice Cream & Cashews

Coconut Milk ice cream with tons of cashews – must make some soon!



Olive Oil

For everything!

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