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January 2010

  • Ten Random Pictures: Lazy Sundays

    Ten random pictures inspired by lazy Sundays.


    Long rides on foggy rainy mornings in the Pacific Northwest.

    Snap Happy

    Take pictures.

    Cookies Hot Cocoa

    Have coffee.

    Calm & Foggy

    Foggy walks by the Seawall.


    Go to the market.


    Ride the train.

    Elsa's Story Cookies

    Eat leftover cookies from the holidays.


    Think about doing good.


    Listen to music.

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  • What I Wore: Pink Ruffles

    The neat thing about documenting what I wear is I get to relive my clothes’ history.

    Yes, there’s a story behind almost every article of clothing I own.

    Some funny; like the blazer I wore inside-out to a job interview.

    Some loving; like my Elsa Peretti bean necklace.

    Some painful; … Continue Reading...

  • Bellingham, WA

    I’ve been meaning to write about Bellingham, WA for a while now but wasn’t sure exactly what to say about this awesome town.

    I took some pictures on my last trip down there and I just thought I’d share them.

    Bellingham is the closest ‘big US town’ to me, … Continue Reading...

  • What I Wore: Green

    The sun came out today, and for brief moment I could hear the cry of seagulls.

    It reminded me of summer; I think I’m ready for winter to be over.

    Tue 29 Dec - 2

    I took this picture a few days after Christmas, waiting for the new year… still in holiday mood.

    The necklace … Continue Reading...

  • What I Wore: Black Girl

    Wed 6 Jan - 4 Wed 6 Jan - 1

    I wasn’t allowed to wear black as a child.

    My mom outright forbade it!

    She’d get melodramatic whenever I protested and say things like;

    “Are you going to a funeral?” “Did someone die?”

    I’d say no and her response always was… “Then why do you want to wear black? It’s Continue Reading...