As Sick as a …

Today is the first time in days that I’ve been able to sit upright without feeling woozy, keeling over from a splitting headache or coughing my lungs out.

The past couple of days have been horrible; I seriously thought I was going to die!

I’ve been very sick. It all started with a small harmless cough on Saturday – and then things started falling apart.

I spent Sunday flat on my back, the cough progressed to worse, I was extremely tired and weak with a bizarre headache – I guess it’s tension headache or some such.

My appetite is completely gone; I secretly hope I lose tons of weight from this, at least get something for my worries.

The most annoying thing about being sick these days is that everyone thinks it’s swine flu, or if you live in my household, it’s cancer or some sort of auto-immune disease.

I went to work on Monday in some lame attempt to work off the sickness, it didn’t really work.

I came back home and went to sleep, I slept in today. I feel much better; I’ll be sleeping in again tomorrow.

I’ll get back to world domination some other day.

Until then here are some pictures, hope you’re feeling better wherever you are.


Umbrellas and beads at the entryway.


That old blue car at Place de la Concorde.


Inukshuk at English Bay.

Art Gallery

Rembrandt at the Art Gallery.


Blog window display at Holt Renfrew.

Canary Wharf - footbridge

Footbridge at Canary Wharf.

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